Churchill War Rooms In London

Churchill War Rooms are one of the three sites of the Imperial War Museum in London. The two other sites are in Manchester and Cambridgeshire. Whereas, the War Museum is the 17th most visited museum in the United Kingdom the Churchill War Rooms on their own rank 36th on the list.

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Imperial War Museum-Grand Reopening 19 July 2014

If you are a history buff and are going to be in London this summer you might consider to take a day and visit at least one of the sites of the Imperial War Museum. Three out of the five venues of this riveting museum are in the London area. The Lambeth location is a good place to start your adventure. The museum began operation in 1917 and has accumulated an impressive collection of artifacts and provides enough historical detail as anyone could want. The museum includes all the conflicts Britain has been involved with since 1914.


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St Paul's Cathedral in London

A visit to London would not be complete without a visit to one of the most important historical symbols of the city. St Paul's Cathedral has been so much a part of modern English history. It is a short distance from your Safestay Hostel and well worth a few hours of your time. This famous cathedral is less than 4.5 kilometers (3 miles) from the Hostel. It is just across the Thames River. By car or taxi on the A-3 or A201 you can be there in 7 minutes. 

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Hampton Court Palace The Home of King Henry VIII

If you have a day you wish to spend learning about a fascinating time in English history this writer would propose a trip to Hampton Court Palace. This was the home of King Henry VIII among others. There are several ways to make the trip from Safestay Hostel. The trip will take you about an hour more or less.

Upon exiting the hostel you will head left towards Elephant and Castle transit station. If you wish to go by train which I advocate you do at least one way the travel card you purchase in London must include Travel Zone 6. You will want to purchase a train ticket to Sutton (Surrey) (First Capital Connect). This will take you 27 minutes (7 stops) The Stop ID: EPH.

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National Maritime Museum In Greenwich, London

A bit more than 5 miles from Safestay Hostel is one of the treasures of British history.  It is the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich London.  By car you can be there in less than 20 minutes.  If you wish to use public transport the total trip will be less than 45 minutes.  Walk to Elephant and Castle and take the Northern Line Subway towards Barnet. You will disembark at the London Bridge stop.  It will be a short walk to London Bridge.  Take the London Cannon Street Train to Dartford. (Stop ID: LBG)  From there disembark when you arrive at Maze Hill.  (Stop ID: MZH).  The train ride will be about 11 minutes. From there you will need to walk to your destination.  It will take you less than 9 minutes. 

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