National Maritime Museum In Greenwich, London

A bit more than 5 miles from Safestay Hostel is one of the treasures of British history.  It is the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich London.  By car you can be there in less than 20 minutes.  If you wish to use public transport the total trip will be less than 45 minutes.  Walk to Elephant and Castle and take the Northern Line Subway towards Barnet. You will disembark at the London Bridge stop.  It will be a short walk to London Bridge.  Take the London Cannon Street Train to Dartford. (Stop ID: LBG)  From there disembark when you arrive at Maze Hill.  (Stop ID: MZH).  The train ride will be about 11 minutes. From there you will need to walk to your destination.  It will take you less than 9 minutes. 

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Kew Palace and GardensMarch 11, 2014

Kew Palace and Gardens

Kew Palace along the Thames River is the smallest and most informal of the royal palaces in London. It is surrounded by some very beautiful gardens that the visitor will enjoy as much as the building itself.  Kew Palace is a little more than 10 miles from your Safestay Hostel and by using the A3212 you can be there in less than a half an hour.  

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The London EyeFebruary 19, 2014

The London Eye

The London Eye is one of the most recent new attractions to the English capital. It is a giant Ferris wheel that was constructed in 1999. The Eye provides the visitor with a spectacular view of the city weather permitting. It is located adjacent to the River Thames in downtown London. It can easily be reached from the Safestay Hostel using public transit within 15 minutes. 

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Eltham Palace and Gardens in Greenwich

Depending on the route a drive from Safestay to Eltham Palace and Gardens is between 8 to 10 miles.  If you wish to use public transport the shortest route will take you about 58 minutes.  At Larcom Street ( Stop D) take the 40 Bus towards the City of London.  It will be 7 stops and take about 14 minutes.  At London Bridge Borough High Street ( Stop M) you will need to disembark.  Walk to London Bridge.  This will take about 4 minutes.  At London Bridge Stop ID: LBG you will need to take the train.  The ride from London Charing Cross to Slade Green will take 21 minutes with 6 stops. At Eltham (Stop ID: ELW) you have less than a mile to walk to your destination.

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Down House the Home of Charles Darwin

For those of you who would like a different experience let this writer recommend visiting Down House the former home of Charles Darwin.  It is between 15 and 17 miles away from Safestay by car.  If you want to take public transport the route that will take the least amount of time would be as follows.  Walk to Elephant and Castle.  This is Stop ID EPH.  To the St. Albans to Sevenoaks train.  This will take 21 minutes with 3 stops.  At Bromley South Stop ID: BMS  you will to make a transfer to Bromley South (Stop Y).  Take the 146 Bus towards Downe.  There will be 20 stops and it will take about 18 minutes.  Disembark at Downe Church.  It is a short walk to Downe House from there.  Total travel time including waiting for transfers is about 1 hour and 13 minutes.

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