Blog > A Self Guided Walk In London: Westminster

April 22, 2013

Everyone here at the Safestay Hostel knows how important it is to see everything that the unique city of London has to offer.  Whether one plans to visit London for an ambitious few days or a relaxing few weeks we have a great self guided walk to start experiencing the best London has to offer.

Our self guided walking tour of London today takes us through some of the most iconic tourist attractions of London.  One of the great things about Safestay is the great location.  One may begin the self guided tour by arriving at the Westminster underground station located just across Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

To arrive at Westminster one may take the yellow Circle Line, the green District line, or the grey Jubilee Line on the Underground (metro/subway).  Safestay is a brisk 20-30 walk from Westminster Underground Station or a short 10-15 minutes with mass transport.

Depeding on speed the walk the self guided tour should take between 1 - 2.5 hours.  Many tourists are normally found at many of the tourist attractions along the self guided walk.

One of the best times to start the self guided tour guide through Westminster is first thing in the morning.   After exiting the underground station walk across the bridge to get incredible pictures of both the London Eye as well as Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

The London Eye

After walking across the bridge there is a walkway on the right that follows along the River Thames.  Take a few steps towards the walkway and there will be a perfect setting for photos of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.  The picture above of the London Eye in addition to the picture below were taken within the hour of sunrise.


Many don't realize that Big Ben is the Great Bell inside the tower rather than the clock-tower itself.

Upon visiting our third location at Westminster Abbey one must keep in mind that there is no tourist visiting on Sundays.  One may still visit the museum and shop during certain times throughout the day. Be sure to verify opening times at the official Westminster Abbey website.

After a leisure walk through St. James Park one will arrive at the Buckingham Palace.


Our sixth location takes us to St. James Palace which is not open to the public.  It was built between 1531 to 1536 and members of the Royal Family still reside in the historical building.

Trafalgar Square holds an immense amount of history and exceptional photo opportunities as well.  Let's hope that there are blue skies when you arrive! The square commemorates the Battle of Trafalgar where the British were victorious against the French in 1805.

Nothing would be better than seeing the Horse Guards while walking back to the start of the tour at the Westminster Underground Station.  At the One may watch the changing of the guard hourly at 10am on Sunday and 11am Monday - Saturday.

Click here to view the interactive map completed by Marcello Arrambide.