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May 15, 2013

Safestay Hostel resides in the borough of Elephant and Castle where there is plenty more to discover than just the popular London attractions. Many visitors often look for off the beaten track happenings and we have one just for you. Meet Natty Bo!

Natty Bo is a popular DJ and singer that leads both the bands Ska Cubano as well as Natty Bo and the Top Cats. Coincidence would have it that Natty Bo lives just around the corner from Safestay Hostel. He is often seen walking past Safestay just along Walworth Road.

His music is found in both Spanish and English. The Spanish music blends Jamaican, Cuban, and Colombian rhythms while the English version also incorporates American R&B.  

Ska Cubano was nominated for a BBC World Music Award and have toured across 30 countries to date.  Here is a sample of Ska Cubano:

Natty grew up in a section of South East London called Thamesmead. He found inspiration in his father's record collection and the unique concept of his music was born in Cuba.

Natty, alongside producer Peter Scott, recorded sessions in Havana while teaching the locals the rhythms of ska music.

Here is a sample of Natty Bo and The Top Cats:

One may find Natty Bo's current schedule via their website  He is currently touring through Spain and will be in London on 30 June 2013 at Harrow Under 1 Sky.  He will also be performing at the Boomtown Fair in Winchester, United Kingdom. 

One may soon realize how the neighborhood of Elephant and Castle where Safestay is located is buzzing with activity.  This is just one of the many unique things one can find in the neighborhood.  We look forward to seeing you next time in London!