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February 21, 2013

Here are my ‘Top 5 Pieces of London Street Art.’ While I was staying at Safestay London in November I had the opportunity to take in one of my favourite travel activities, street art hunting. I didn’t have much time in London, so I took a Street Art London tour, which was a fantastic overview of the London scene.

Street art is a passion of mine, and I have been fortunate enough to explore the scenes in Rio de Janeiro, Bogota, Toronto, Buenos Aires, and London. The quality in London is top notch, and it’s like a gallery of some of the world’s top street artists.

So to tantalize your eyes, and raise a passion for it in yourself, here’s my ‘Top 5′. Enjoy

5. The Cowboy

This cowboy was painted by a crew out of Los Angeles.


This piece was painted by a crew out of Los Angeles. They had some extra time in London, because their flight was delayed, so they decided to put this up with their spare time. I wish all airline delays resulted in such beauty being created!

4. Roa’s Rabbit

Roa’s rabbit in north-east London.

Roa is a Belgian artist who has painted many pieces in London, his biggest being a hedgehog in east London. This one I found using Street Art London’s GPS app, a great way to explore some of the works around town, and it even gives you a bit of a background on the artists. Roa is known for large scale black and white animals, usually scavengers. He’s one of the top street artists in the world, and his style is immediately recognizable.

3. Jimmy C’s Young Teenager in a Hoodie

A striking piece by Jimmy C.

I love the Monetesque aspect to this piece. The impressionism translated to the street is what I find unique about this piece. So lifelike, but yet still in an impressionist style.

2. Jimmy C’s Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt by Adelaide’s Jimmy C.

This piece Jimmy C painted during the Olympics. While most artists were painting biting negative commentary on the Olympics coming to town, Jimmy C decided to paint a piece celebrating the Olympics. This was the result. Interesting back story to this piece, he actually put this piece up illegally, but no one questioned him, since he rented a crane and looked very official while putting this fantastic addition to the London scene up.

1. David Walker’s Woman

A colourful and striking piece by David Walker.

David Walker puts up these striking portraits of beautiful women all over London. He’s based in London, and paints exclusively with aerosol, which is amazing considering the detail characteristic of his pieces. The realism, colours, and technique used to put this piece up make it my favourite piece in all of London.

Now go out and explore. I’d recommend the tour, but if you can’t get on it, then just show up at Old Street underground station, and start walking. You’re sure to run into some of the amazing pieces seen in this article.

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