Blog > The Iconic London Taxi

May 24, 2013

The iconic London taxi has been a common site in the city for quite some time and has become one of the many London tourist attractions to see in the city. What we now see as a modern convenience started as a horse and carriage.  The London taxi has many modern names but it was also known as the Hackney carriage at one points in history.

 Google "hackney carriage" and one will see the plethora of photos of the familiar London taxi.  The term ‘hackney’, as used in hackney coaches and cabs comes from the Norman French word ‘hacquenée’ meaning a type of horse suitable for hire.

From horse and carriage, to motorized carriages, to now the possible disappearance of the London taxi. Plagued by safety problems and competition from other automakers there may be a possibility that this symbol of London may have begun its decline. 

One may be surprised to know that many cities around the world use the same design for its taxis as well.  Many taxis in London are going digital by accepting all major credit cards.  Make sure to look for new smart phone apps where one may hail a taxi digitally.  Never know when a break will be needed from walking around London.