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Perhaps one of London’s most unusual museums, The Operating Theatre is located in the roof space of the English Baroque Church of St. Thomas. Part of the original St. Thomas’ Hospital, this operating theatre is the oldest in England, and offers visitors a unique insight into the surgical procedures of the 19th century.

In 1815, following the Apothecary’s Act, the operating theatre was opened to medical students and became an important venue for the demonstration of surgical skills. With anesthetic unavailable until 1847, the Operating Theatre was undoubtedly the scene of some extraordinary trials for patients, and is sure to make a memorable and educational visit for all the family.

The Old Operating Theatre Museum & Herb Garret,
9a St. Thomas Steet

Tel: 0207 188 2679

Bus 40 from stop D on Larcom Street towards Aldgate or bus 35 towards Shoreditch High Street; alight at London Bridge Borough High St. (stop M).