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Home to the world’s most prolific playwright, the Globe Theatre has been reconstructed as its Elizabethan original, and offers visitors the opportunity to see Shakespeare’s greatest plays performed by some of the world’s finest actors.

Located on the south bank of the River Thames, the Globe Theatre is a vital and vibrant part of the city’s cultural heritage, providing visitors with an authentic taste of Shakespeare’s London. Throughout the summer months, (May to October) you can enjoy Shakespeare’s plays in the same way as his contemporaries, seated in the authentic galleries or standing by the stage as a 'groundling'.

Educational and inspirational, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre is a unique international resource dedicated to the exploration of Shakespeare's work and the playhouse for which he wrote.

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
21 New Globe Walk

Tel: 020 7902 1400

Directions from Safestay
45 bus towards Kings Cross (buses run frequently, every 8 minutes); alight at Blackfriars Station (Stop C).